We decided to take it easy after such a long first day, so barely made it out of the hotel room before 11am. The weather of course, being great. Louise thought that a nice easy trip without a lot of walking would be to the Berlin Zoo, and since it was just a half kilometre away I agreed, and so we headed out. How wrong we were.

The thing about animal prisons zoos is that in order not to stress the inmates too much, they tend to be huge, and this one was no exception and we both walked our legs off in the first few hours. And we still only managed to see about half of it before we left in the early afternoon.

Almost as soon as we got in through the gate, Louise took the camera and proceeded to take in excess of 200 shots of various animals and birds – of which the south american condors and the polar bears were the biggest poseurs and the giant pandas wanted nothing to do with people at all and pretty much ignored everyone.

Anyway, here are a few photos… I apologise that they are not individually captioned I’ll try to correct that as I upload more, but this will probably not be until we’re home since it’s proving a little awkward on tablet.

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After leaving, we came back to the hotel for a rest before heading to the Block House for an evening meal of steak with a baked potato, salad etc. and a rather nice bottle of shiraz before retiring to the hotel bar and then to our room… and all this to an internal soundtrack comprising of U2’s Zoo Station and Nena’s 99 Luftballons.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Siobhan! I’ll be turning fifty next year myself, but probably won’t be doing anything as exciting. Best wishes, Jen K.

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