And so it begins…

I seem to have survived another whole year without falling off this planet of ours, and therefore will be dedicating this weekend to the celebration of such. This will hopefully involve drinks, meals, parties, movies, music and anything else I can fit in that’s even remotely appropriate. Possibly some things that aren’t.

Anyway, to start us off on this weekend of debauchery and decadence, I plan to host a small gathering of friends tonight at the Euston Tap. It has lots of lovely beers and a fun atmosphere in general. It is however, very small even when you consider the cider bar across the courtyard, and the outside seating (and given today’s weather… well you know). So, if you’re in the area and you know me personally (or indeed if we always meant to meet and never got round to it), please come say hi.

Tomorrow, I just want to hang out with friends, and maybe catch a movie in a local cinema, or possibly the BFI IMAX if it turns out that way. If you’d like to join us for that one, then it’s best to contact me directly in advance, since arrangements will have to be made – I still have no idea what I want to see.

Sunday will be lunch and relaxing with Louise, of course.

Monday is my birthday itself, and I’ll be around all day. In the evening, there’s talk of a visit to Kimchee on High Holborn, though I’ll probably go to Penderel’s Oak first, as that’s where the Monday group hang out and I’d not want to ignore them.