Commander’s Log: 3303-02-21, Blae Eaec PM-W e1-205, 14,885.18 ly from Sol.

Made it! We arrived at the system. A single Earth-Like world orbiting a neutron star. We dropped out of frame shift to look and of course, the place is crawling. A cruise liner, a few “red planet” taxis, and yeah, a wing of pirates. I have no cargo… no cargo bay aboard, so nothing for them to want, and even if they’d tried, they could never catch me. But they managed to scan me before I could jump out. Passenger’s angry at me and threatening penalties. Damn!

Oh well, I have three and a half weeks to get back home, so I’ll take my time and gather as much exploration data as I can. I’m upset now.

I suppose at least I wasn’t arriving home in 3 weeks to be scanned for the first time… that would have been way too frustrating.