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So it’s just after 7.30am, and I’ve almost finished my coffee. The news on Radio 4 is all about how prices are going up and how sports personalities earn about a gazilion pounds a minute… just about enough for a deposit on a house… while on facebook, nearly 2000 people apply for 8 minimum wage jobs at a high street coffee shop. This is, I am informed, economic recovery!

Congratulations Scotland!

There’s little else to say really. Well done Scotland. Once again showing the rest of the UK how to be a modern nation.

As the Equal Opportunities Committee unanimously passes the spousal veto amendment, Scottish Transgender Alliance’s Nathan Gale reflects on why this is a victory for all LGBTI people


A question

I don’t usually do the politics thing. I leave that for those who are better at it and who have more interest, but I do need to put this question out there. It’s aimed at the UK, but with a little translation it should work elsewhere too…

Should MPs¹ be paid according to how closely they stick to their pre-election promises to their constituents?

I think they should, based on an MP’s salary, getting a percentage of that given based on the percentage of pre-election promises kept. I know they have to toe the party line to an extent, but they are there to represent the people, not the party elite. What do you all think? Answers on a postcard, or to your local MP.

¹ Member(s) of Parliament not Military Police, just in case you were wondering.

Why I won’t be watching Ender’s Game

As most people who know me will be aware, I am a massive nerd. Most of you will probably be aware of what I’m about to write too, but I am certain that there will be some who are unaware of either or both of these things, and that is what makes this important. Up until recently, I was also unaware of some of this, which is probably my own fault for being so insular but that’s by the way. (more…)