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The Day the Meds Ran Out…

On Sunday this week, I realised that I only had enough medication left for about half a week. This is something of an exaggeration since I take several kinds of medication per day and only one of them had run out, but since it’s pretty much the most important one, it needed urgent fixing. So on Monday morning, I headed out to the pharmacist to see if my replacements had arrived. I was told no, but that they’d been ordered and should be in within a day or so. This would be fine if it happened, and so I was off on my second mission of the morning… the Doctor’s Office. (more…)

A long summer wait

This morning, I met Mr. Bellringer at Charing Cross for a pre-surgical appointment, and have been put on a waiting list. Thus far, there’s no real clue as to how long it will be, but best guess was about six months, which should put me in mid September, which while not the best, will at least leave the summer free. (more…)

WTF, Canada?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen Canada as being something of a beacon of hope in the western world. I knew it wasn’t perfect – nowhere is – but I thought of it as a progressive nation that combined the best parts of the U.S. with the best of U.K. and Europe, while having few of the bad bits. It was a country I wanted to visit (I have relatives and friends there whom I’ve never met), and have, on more than one occasion considered emigrating there. A good record for human rights, friendly people, lots of space all made it a kind of wonderland. I saw it through the same kind of tinted lenses that draws people from Eastern Europe to the U.K., or from Central America to the U.S.A. Obviously, I was wrong, as Palpatine† would have put it, about a great many things. (more…)