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Streaming Media and Job Search

Not so very long ago, Amazon caused controversy when they added LoveFilm® into their Prime service, and pretty much doubling the price in the process, at least for Prime-only customers. What of those who didn’t want LoveFilm? What of those whose internet would not be up to streaming? What of those who could not afford the price hike? Well, as it happened, I was for once in a good position. My Prime subscription had renewed about a week before the price hike, and so effectively the new service would be free for almost a whole year, the best possible trial I could hope for. (more…)

Words about things.

Words have not been my friends lately, and my posts have been short and infrequent. I suppose we all have days like this, but it’s not helpful. I have ideas that I want to share, but the words wont come, they hide behind feelings, fading into a sea of emotion. Hopefully, I can finally form some kind of sense out of it all. (more…)


I was a little late getting to the class today. Not that that was any problem since we only had two students turn up, and they working on simple things like getting their email working. (more…)


So it’s just after 7.30am, and I’ve almost finished my coffee. The news on Radio 4 is all about how prices are going up and how sports personalities earn about a gazilion pounds a minute… just about enough for a deposit on a house… while on facebook, nearly 2000 people apply for 8 minimum wage jobs at a high street coffee shop. This is, I am informed, economic recovery!

“Searching for work will be my full time occupation now”

“Searching for work will be my full time occupation now”

This is written in nice big clear letters on my job seeker’s handbook, because as everyone knows, the unemployed are lazy, feckless scroungers who need to be constantly watched and who would not even turn up to interviews unless pushed. Or at least, this is what we’re constantly told by the media and government. The reality of course is somewhat different. (more…)


I had planned to write a blog post today entitled “Rogue cities and the hunt for GMDs”, which was to make reference to a certain councillor in Cambridge who has a chilli pepper production program that should breach arms treaties (assuming it doesn’t already), and GMDs (Girlfriends of Mass Destruction). However, around lunchtime I was struck with an inexplicable depression and lethargy and so it didn’t happen. I’ve barely managed to do my job searching this afternoon to be honest.

I guess I’ll write that another time, when I feel more like myself. Right now I’m way too broken to be productive.

Out with the old…

The year 2013 is fired! A quick look back through my recent posts shows that I have been moaning about something or other pretty much constantly. This is going to have to change, and to some extent, so will I. I need to lose weight, get a job, probably drink a bit less. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t trying to do those things anyway, but it’s an ongoing chore, especially the job part. It really is a full time job, trying to find a job. (more…)


So, I have not had the best of luck recently, as those of you who follow me regularly will be aware. What with late prescriptions, benefit issues and general bouts of depression adding to the general levity of joblessness that is my life. Now fortune appears to be reversing, at least for now. (more…)