Commander’s Log: 3303-01-17, HYPOU AUSCS VD-I C23-789, 26,622 light years from Sol…

I didn’t make a lot of progress yesterday as I am to easily distracted by shiny, as well as by music and by people posting videos on Spacebook, but I made one or two fascinating discoveries, some terrestrial water worlds. Hopefully some more will be forthcoming today, but also I’d like to make some better progress.

Still, even covering only about 4000-5000 light years in a day will get me home in a week, and I can sell the discoveries for some much needed credits. Some of my ships could use some upgrades, and I might get enough to buy a new python, or even an anaconda, either of which will help with my trade rank.

That’s about all I have to report today though. On with the journey.