Commander’s Log: 3303-01-16, EEMBAISM XV-W B56-123, 31,594 light years from Sol, somewhere in the north east quadrant of the galaxy…

Asp Explorer
The paint is starting to look pretty bad now.

I’ve been out here now for what feels like months, although I know it’s only been a couple of weeks. A trip out to Jaques Station in Colonia to deliver a consignment of travel guides that turned into an extended exploration trip right around the galactic core. I’ve just started getting my poor battered Asp Explorer New Beginnings angled towards civilisation and home and it’ll still take a while to get there.

Still, battered she may be, but the drives are all functional, as are my fuel scoops (although I can’t guarantee the same for anything else). Baring stupidity or accident, there’s no reason this trip can’t turn a profit when I find somewhere to sell scans of all these systems I’m passing through; especially those with Earth-like or water worlds.

So, a quick trip to the galley for some coffee, and I should get those drives online, and me closer to somewhere less lonely.