Thursday night was an oddity. Louise was tired and wanted to relax, and so instead of eating out as we usually do, we got some ready meals and wine from the supermarket and ate at hers while watching The Colour of Magic. It was nice, but a little weird.

Yesterday, Friday, she called me to say she was being sent home from work due to sickness. It kind of put a dampener on our plans for the evening. I offered to cook but Louise just wanted to sleep. In the end I went out with friends, but told her call me if she needs anything. I could get there in only about 10 minutes anyway. As it happens, she didn’t call but messaged me later to say how the trip to the shops had worn her out. Typically stubborn!

So anyway I was going out. Got hit on by some guy on the way too, for the first time in a while. He wondered where my boyfriend was and wanted my phone number and all that. At least until I told him my girlfriend wouldn’t approve. Well it was dark and I was alone at the time… I really didn’t want the attention.

So I ended up in the Euston Tap with a few friends, which just happens to be in range of one of Euston Station’s portals, and drift-range of a couple more. We set up one for pub-hacking and linked up the other close one. Another passing player upgraded us and tried for the third but failed. We tried too later but even with the hacking, we were down to about zero munitions between us. In the end we all went home with it still uncaptured.

So today, I hope to see a healthier, more recovered Louise… and with a little luck, have some fun too.

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  1. sorry your evening wasnt as you hoped sio,
    but alls well that ends well.,
    hope to hear more from you soon
    KIKI xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S. im getting married next saturday at LL,
    so if you want toe come ,its great

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