I think that Louise is better today. That is, she got up and went to work, and her voice sounded better. Of course, we did target most of the weekend’s efforts toward that end, giving up Ingress and social activity in favour of health.

After Friday (documented previously), I had an early-morning Louise on Saturday… well early afternoon, Louise doesn’t do mornings on the weekend but that’s not important. We got some food in and settled in to watch tv and play games all evening. Louise’s been revisiting TES: Oblivion¹ and so was putting some effort into that, while I was working slowly through LOTRO² and running into the old “visit the store to purchase this quest” problem. When TESO³ comes out (or if I get a Beta invite), then I’ll be gone from there for good.

I won’t lie, LOTRO² is a lot of fun and the main quest line is well written, but so often while trying to reach the next part, I am sent off on a long trip only to run into a locked area/quest that I’d need to pay for (or become a VIP subscriber). If the game was new and/or bug-free, I might consider that, but since it has problems updating my player information in my account, I have huge problems believing that they could deal with my credit card data.

So that was Saturday. On Sunday was more of the same, except that we went out to Brewdog Camden for lunch. Their cheese and meat platter is superb, and since they had a mini beerfest on Saturday with collaborative brews from around the country, there was plenty of choice. Louise played it safe, being still not well and stuck to Punk IPA while I tried a couple of interesting new brews; 48 Hours Later (a smoked chilli black IPA), and Happy Endings (a lemongrass and ginger wheat beer). Both were very good indeed.

On the way home, I commented on the roadworks in Camden, mentioning that it looked like they were just digging holes randomly now. Louise reminded me that they’d only recently had the whole street dug up, and then went on to remark that they appeared to be some kind of installation, such as something Banksy might do, and pointed out the proximity and facing of a nearby iPhone ad. Obviously, we agreed, this was it. Camden Roadworks are an art project! One of these days I’m going to submit it as an Ingress portal. Perhaps on it’s next anniversary.

Louise is back tonight for food, which means that I’ll be missing the Monday game. To be honest, I’m losing my desire to play it anyway, but we’ll see.

¹ The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion – Part IV of the series and a prequel to Skyrim.
² Lord Of The Rings Online – An MMO set in Middle Earth
³ The Elder Scrolls Online – An MMO set in Tamriel, the world of the Elder Scrolls series.  Still in closed beta, though I have registered to be a tester. Fingers crossed 🙂