Yesterday was our visit to the London Drinker Beer Festival in Camden, my local. Louise isn’t a fan of crowds, so we decided to go early before it got busy, so that we could leave if things got on top of her. I suspect though, after seeing her get into an Augustiner Helles faster than a ferret up a Yorkshire trouser-leg, that I needn’t have worried as she got nice and mellow fairly quickly.

My experience wasn’t all good though, as I suffered a rare case of misgendering just after entering the venue†. Probably unintentional, but it still hurt. All in all though, I’m glad we came, even if we didn’t stay all night.

My own Spezial Hell
My own Spezial Hell

The beers we drank over the course of the afternoon — out of a full list here — were:


  • Redemption: Make me smile (3.5%)
  • London Brewing: Skyline (5.3%)
  • Trunk: Vierzehnheiligen Dunkel (5.2%)
  • Andechs: Spezial Hell (5.8%)
  • Lancaster: Blonde (4%)


  • Redemption: Trinity (3%)
  • East London: Pale (4%)
  • Augustiner: Helles Lagerbier (5%)
  • Purple Moose: Snowdonia (4%)

Eventually, we did end up leaving early. Louise was having problems keeping up with the beer, and we were both hungry. In addition, we were supposed to be going to a meetup in the evening (which we eventually missed) and so didn’t want to be too drunk. This of course caused another friend we’d thought to meet up with, to miss us. Oh well… at least we had fun.


† This was sorted pretty quickly by one of the organisers, so all worked out in the end! If you’re reading, thank you.