Droju Snowball

Commander’s Log: 3303-02-19 Droju TG-F c27-3, 3,965.73 light years from Sol.

Set down for the night on Droju TG-F c27-3 A1F, a desolate snowball in the middle of nowhere and with barely any gravity to speak of. I took the SRV out to scout the area, but there was nothing so much as a meteorite to spark my interest.

I’ve only covered 3,947.69 light years of my route so far, and so I’d like to get another 3 or 4 thousand behind me today. The ship is in good condition, fuel levels are good and my passengers are still keeping to themselves. Even Gin stocks are nominal, though I must admit the tonic is running low. I wonder if I can make a call-out to the G&T Rats for more…


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