Day 28

Chilli Plants
Young chilli plants (about 28 days old) growing hydroponically in a red container.

The chillis are now a month old, and today was the first changing of water and pump cleaning. They appear to be growing well.

Day 18

Two and a half weeks in and all the pots have at least one plant growing now, some have two. There’s one that’s far behind, and still has a plastic mini-greenhouse over it, but that should come off tomorrow or Sunday when the leaves start to properly spread out.

Day 7

Just a quickie to note that on day 7 of trying to grow chilli plants hydroponically, I have noticed sprouting in 2 of the Cayennes. It’s very difficult to see what’s going on under the growing caps there, so there might be movement in some of the others, but I don’t want to disturb them yet to find out. I will update as and when I see any changes.

Planting Season

So, planting season is upon us, at least for hardier plants and those to be grown indoors. As such, this years first planting of chillies went into a hydroponic propagator yesterday. Potting compost arrives later this week, and garlic should be into a regular propagator by the weekend.


Water Woes – Part 2

Well, that was fast. They came and replaced the boiler already! There’s one in the loft now finishing up seals and the like as I type…

Colour me impressed!

Water Woes

It would seem that we have a leaking boiler in the loft. Of course, due to it’s location, the first we knew of it was marks on the ceiling under it, but by then the case had filled up and pipes were damaged. It can all be fixed, of course, though at a not insignificant cost (ouch), but it does mean that we’re going to be without hot water until it is. What fun!


Lockdown Woes

Well, we’re two weeks into the Lockdown, and we’re still more or less healthy. At least, no signs of COVID-19, which right now is the most important thing. There is a lot of frustration though, with the inability to find essentials like flour for baking; there’s not been a bag in any of our local supermarkets in a month.


Election Time!

Houses of Parliament

It’s that time again when the British people are subjected to an endless media barrage of propaganda, lies, smear campaigns, empty promises and images of politicians pretending to represent their constituencies. In other words, business as usual, or the lead up to a General Election. For some reason, we’re then meant to disregard the behaviours of our government since the last election and believe what they tell us now. Hrm…


Bringing Home the Books

The continuing misadventures of Luorien the mage in Middle Earth.

It is early spring in the valley of Imladris, and a group of traders has just left, heading south to Gondor, when a message comes to the young mage Luorien to attend the library as soon as possible. Something is up!


On the difficulties of low level role playing

Some History

I have been interested in role playing games since I was very young, having first encountered it when a friend found a book about D&D. A few of us set up a game based on it with some made-up rules and a lot of misunderstandings about how it was meant to work. Later we got an actual D&D game, learned how it was meant to go, and we went on from there. At school, a few years later I encountered AD&D and widened my experience, though didn’t see it as enough of an upgrade to warrant the spend on buying it. Later I bought or was given (I honestly don’t recall which) a MERP box set. That was amazing and so different. 


On Politics

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Emma Lazarus (1849–1887)