European Adventure 2022 – Part 3: Bruges/Brugge

Maastricht & The Three Countries Point

The last section of our trip was disrupted from the start. It took too long to get a “low-emission” permit for Aachen, so we went via Maastricht instead, and what a gem. We parked in a hidden underground car park by the river Meuse and had a burger for lunch before moving on. It is a beautiful town that deserves more recognition, though, of course, that would bring more tourists and all that goes with it.


European Adventure 2022 – Part 2: Koblenz


Our plan had been to leave Ghent and visit Aachen Cathederal and the Three-Countries Point. Unfortunately, it was on-and-off raining, and we decided to see these on our way back to Belgium instead, and looking around the internet, we discovered the Museum of Public Transport in Wallonia, in Liège. Now to be fair, I’m not into that sort of thing, but Louise was like a kid in a playground. I’ve not seen her smile and grin so much in years, at least not while sober.


European Adventure 2022 – Part 1: Ghent/Gent

Driving to Belgium

In a truly bad start to a holiday, I awoke with a headache. I’d not slept well, my head was pounding and I had pain in my left eye. Worse, because we had to leave in a hurry there was no time for coffee, so I downed some painkillers for the headache and opted to tough it out. This was a mistake.



The chillies were growing really well, and yesterday I transplanted the four Cayennes into a huge pot. Unfortunately, some of the roots were damaged in the process, and so they look a bit droopy today. I hope they recover.

The smaller habanero plants remain in the hydroponic unit.