Planting Season

So, planting season is upon us, at least for hardier plants and those to be grown indoors. As such, this years first planting of chillies went into a hydroponic propagator yesterday. Potting compost arrives later this week, and garlic should be into a regular propagator by the weekend.


Water Woes – Part 2

Well, that was fast. They came and replaced the boiler already! There’s one in the loft now finishing up seals and the like as I type…

Colour me impressed!

Water Woes

It would seem that we have a leaking boiler in the loft. Of course, due to it’s location, the first we knew of it was marks on the ceiling under it, but by then the case had filled up and pipes were damaged. It can all be fixed, of course, though at a not insignificant cost (ouch), but it does mean that we’re going to be without hot water until it is. What fun!


Lockdown Woes

Well, we’re two weeks into the Lockdown, and we’re still more or less healthy. At least, no signs of COVID-19, which right now is the most important thing. There is a lot of frustration though, with the inability to find essentials like flour for baking; there’s not been a bag in any of our local supermarkets in a month.