Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Sixth

Schloß Drachenburg

A few km south of Köln, lies Königswinter, and up a hill, reached by funicular railway, is Schlöß Drachenburg, a castle which is not a castle, a folly, containing fireplaces which are not fireplaces (central heating) and a pipe organ that’s not a pipe organ (tape recorder).


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Fourth

Schlöß Brühl

The day started with the search for breakfast. We failed. Settling for caffeinated hot beverages we headed to the station and out to Brühl to see the palaces. It was hot, the train was horribly crowded and we arrived just as the palaces were closing for lunch.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Third

Farewell Bruxelles

We got up fairly early in order to get ourselves sorted for the onward journey, though check-out was not until 11, and after packing, got some breakfast in a café. It was time to bid a fond farewell to the little city. We’d had fun, but were glad to be on our way.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Second

Porcelain Vegetables

Grand Place

Day two started with the noise in the street, which was annnoying. It led to a shower, which was not. Coffee was found externally, which was good and we set out. The weather was warm, the people were (reasonably) friendly and the museum fees were, as expected, extortionate.