Day 28

Chilli Plants
Young chilli plants (about 28 days old) growing hydroponically in a red container.

The chillis are now a month old, and today was the first changing of water and pump cleaning. They appear to be growing well.

Day 18

Two and a half weeks in and all the pots have at least one plant growing now, some have two. There’s one that’s far behind, and still has a plastic mini-greenhouse over it, but that should come off tomorrow or Sunday when the leaves start to properly spread out.

Day 7

Just a quickie to note that on day 7 of trying to grow chilli plants hydroponically, I have noticed sprouting in 2 of the Cayennes. It’s very difficult to see what’s going on under the growing caps there, so there might be movement in some of the others, but I don’t want to disturb them yet to find out. I will update as and when I see any changes.

Planting Season

So, planting season is upon us, at least for hardier plants and those to be grown indoors. As such, this years first planting of chillies went into a hydroponic propagator yesterday. Potting compost arrives later this week, and garlic should be into a regular propagator by the weekend.