Commander’s Log: 3303-02-06, Mars High, Sol.

In my last entry, I was heading out to the Elephant’s Trunk nebula. I arrived in good time, and instead of coming straight back as was my original plan, I stayed to see a few sights, and the decided to go on to see more. It turned into a tour of some local nebulae between the bubble and the rift, with more than a few photos taken and the odd strange sight.

  • Elephant’s Trunk Nebula
  • Heart Nebula
  • Soul Nebula
  • EAFOTS EU-R C4-1
  • NGC 281 Nebula
  • NGC 7822 Nebula
  • Cave Nebula
  • North America Nebula
  • Pelican Nebula
  • Sadr Region
  • Veil Nebula East
  • Veil Nebula West
  • California Nebula

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All of which took about a week of travel, and as I said, the odd strange discovery …

What’s that doing out here?