There is so much I wanted to do today by the time Louise got home from work, but most of them required a lot of preparation and in some cases shopping. Unfortunately, I was unwell over the weekend†, and while I managed (mostly) to do what I needed to, any extras were pushed to the side.

I had planned to make a cake. I’d planned a nice meal – well that may still happen but will likely be cake free – and wine. That and other things just freeze and get put on hold when you’re sick and we’ll eat simple and recover. After all, it’s mid week and not the best time to overdo things.

In the end, we had stir-fry and a glass of beer, and then went upstairs to play video games. Neither of us were in a mood for valentines, so we put it off til the weekend when we’ll have more energy and (hopefully) will both be back to our usual level of un-fitness.

I think it started Saturday lunchtime, but it’s hard to say exactly. We went out to a coffee afternoon meetup, intending to go out for a drink later, but despite drinking two huge mugs of Italian coffee, I was falling asleep as we left. Perhaps I’d not slept well the night before. In any case, the later drinks were cancelled and we went home.

By Sunday lunchtime I was too sick to really enjoy the lunch I’d made us, and indeed spent the afternoon and evening bent over the porcelain telephone. The accompanying headache has still not entirely cleared.