Commander’s Log: 3303-02-18, Parrot’s Head Sector VJ-R B4-1, 1,013.39 light years from Sol.

Mission – Take the famous explorer Karyme McLaughlin and crew to visit an Earthlike world orbiting a neutron star, about 14,000 LY in towards the core.

Having arrived back at the bubble from my last trip out and turning in my exploration data to the Sirius Corporation, I acquired a permit to trade in their home system. This will become useful later when dealing with the engineer, Marco Qwent. After some trading back and forth near home, my space-toes started to get itchy again and I started looking for reasons to go back out into the black.

As luck would have it, Karyme McLaughlin, a Tri-D personality (or as he would have it a famous explorer) from Rafferty’s Paradise wanted to collect data from a remote world out towards the galactic core. How a so called famous explorer can fail to have access to his own ship is beyond me, but it’s his money (or probably that of the Tri-D company) so who am I to argue.

Anyway, I loaded a passenger compartment into Wanderer and once the passengers were aboard, I got to plotting a course, and left within the hour. These things become a lot more straight forward when broken down into 1000 LY chunks, I think, or at least Verity, Wanderer’s computer does, and she’s the important one in this case.

And so we’re 990 LY from our start point, and I can shut down some of the systems that are only ever used in the bubble; wake scanners, weapons and so on. It all helps the ship run cooler, and quieter… which is nice.