Author: Siobhán

Internet troublemaker, consumer of red wine and chocolate.

A light lunch and an update

Grilled salmon with sweet chilli on salad.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything other than Minecraft – which is itself a mystery since I consider it extremely flawed, and so it’s about time I did. And so I’ll start off with lunch, for no other reason than food porn. It consists of a salmon fillet from The Saucy Fish Co., grilled and served with chilli, lime and ginger sauce, a Sainsbury’s salad, and a glass of Californian Sauvignon Blanc (also from Sainsbury’s). (more…)

A long summer wait

This morning, I met Mr. Bellringer at Charing Cross for a pre-surgical appointment, and have been put on a waiting list. Thus far, there’s no real clue as to how long it will be, but best guess was about six months, which should put me in mid September, which while not the best, will at least leave the summer free. (more…)

Universal Jobmatch Farce

I got the link through Twitter, and just read it.

The lack of checks means the fakes included MI5 assassins and mafia couriers, while those that were real but should not have received this government stamp of approval included adverts for prostitutes.

I think most people already knew the scheme was corrupt already, but read the whole article here on the Huffington Post UK.

Universal Jobmatch Farce Shows Coalition Doesn’t Understand the Real Cost of Cuts | Nick Stephenson.