The French Connection

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    Warning: Photo heavy.  On Friday 20th June, 2014 at about 2pm, Louise and I headed off to St. Pancras International for the first leg of our French Adventure 2014. We ate a lunch at the Betjeman Arms and meandered over to the check-in for Eurostar. No sooner had we got through than they announced that the train was boarding. Next stop, Paris Gare du Nord.

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    A light lunch and an update

    Grilled salmon with sweet chilli on salad.

    It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything other than Minecraft – which is itself a mystery since I consider it extremely flawed, and so it’s about time I did. And so I’ll start off with lunch, for no other reason than food porn. It consists of a salmon fillet from The Saucy Fish Co., grilled and served with chilli, lime and ginger sauce, a Sainsbury’s salad, and a glass of Californian Sauvignon Blanc (also from Sainsbury’s). Read more…

    London Drinker

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    Yesterday was our visit to the London Drinker Beer Festival in Camden, my local. Louise isn’t a fan of crowds, so we decided to go early before it got busy, so that we could leave if things got on top of her. I suspect though, after seeing her get into an Augustiner Helles faster than a ferret up a Yorkshire trouser-leg, that I needn’t have worried as she got nice and mellow fairly quickly.
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    Post Pub Blues

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    Last night, I was with a group of people in The Blue Posts, a Sam Smith’s pub on Newman Street. I was minding my business with a drink (which as it happens was in incredibly overpriced glass of Chenin Blanc) with my tablet on the table in front of me, switched off, others around had smartphones, some on, some off. The point of the tablet here is to monitor Facebook and Meetup to see when group members are going to arrive, drop out or when new members get lost and need help finding us. I and others do this in a few groups in man pubs and it’s always been great, especially in pubs with Wi-Fi. However, The Blue Posts doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so I was using my own connection. Read more…

    Weekend Reading

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    So this weekend we visited the lovely Katelyn in Reading, where much wine was consumed, home made pizza was made and eaten, and a whole lot of the Game of Thrones rewatch happened. So a big thanks to our hostess, who put up with my grumpiness and who fed us a lovely breakfast… We’re now almost home stopping for supper at Paddington.

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