Commander’s Log: 3303-02-18 continued, Bleia Eohn WO-L C10-8, 1,987.95 Light Years from Sol.

Another leg of the journey complete and time for a short break to check on ship systems, use the galley and so on. We’ve covered another 980 LY since the last log update and though there’s nothing in this system to land on, there are a couple of things to look at, before we move on.

My passengers have been quiet so far, and have kept to their cabin. Probably doing the sort of famous explorer things that mere plebs like me wouldn’t understand. At least they’re not complaining about anything, which is odd in itself. I’ve not carried passengers on this ship before and I’ve neglected to make sure I always have fresh tea aboard. I just hope they’ve not found my secret stash of coffee beans, or this trip might not go as well as planned.

Anyway, we’re in a system with a T-Tauri class star. Younger than the run of the mill and useless for refuelling the ship. Good thing I scooped at the last star really.