Airships over Eve?

So today I decided to put an airship over another planet in KSP. I initially thought about Laythe, but eventually decided to send a probe to Eve because, well.. it’s (a) easier, and (b) I wanted to see if it would make returning easier.

As it happens, I landed it, and then took off and reached 25km (approx) before running out of lift from the air-bag. This was with the smallest one, so maybe a larger airship might go higher.  Something to attempt in the future.

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Anyway, it was fun, and I left the probe floating in the sea (no landing gear). The propulsion was manoeuvring thrusters, which in Eve’s atmosphere turned out to be sub-optimal, but one lives and learns.

Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s been a funny weekend!

Friday night, Louise and I went out playing Ingress instead of our usual entertainments. It was fun but exhausting and we were both glad to get home and off our feet afterwards.

Saturday, we stayed in and watched (among other things) the first two Underworld movies (Underworld and Underworld: Evolution) in between trips to the local supermarket for beer and snacks. It was lots of tipsy, snuggly fun.

On Sunday, Louise went off to visit her parents so I only had myself to cook for, which was fine if a bit weird. Unfortunately, I had a few too many drinks, and was sick overnight. Fortunately I was mostly recovered by the time Louise got home on Monday. Even so, I vastly miscalculated the amount of spice in our dinner and what was meant to be a mildly spicy minced beef dish turned out to be insanely hot. I’m not certain that Louise is quite recovered even now. Afterwards, we watched the last two Underworld movies (Rise of The Lycans and Underworld: Awakening) and sticking with the werewolf theme, The Wolfman. Not as scary as the cover blurb would have us believe.

All in all, apart from my getting drunk and making myself ill, it was a fitting end to Louise’s week off work. The real pity is the messed up trains today which didn’t help her journey. Oh well, perhaps I can make it up to her tonight.

Weird words.

Words can be fun, as any poet or punster could tell you.

Last night, Louise and I were giggling over words, and well… at one point she pronounced “necronomicon” as “necronomicron” (just one letter), which set me to thinking… well, cron is chrono… so time, and necro means dead. But also, in the language of t’interwebs, nom means food so… necronomicron would be… a broken kitchen timer.

I followed on from this, just being daft.

Cthulhu is a mispronounciation of Cathy Lou, a chef on an alien starship that landed on Earth about a gazillion years ago.

So the ship crashed, and chef Cathy Lou’s kitchen timer broke, and she got angry and has spent the last gazillion years trying to either get it repaired, or to find a new one.

So, H.P. Lovecraft was wrong… it’s not about eldritch horrors, it’s just about lunch!

That Friday Feeling…

Isn’t Friday supposed to feel good? You know, the end of the week, time to let your hair down (assuming that you have hair) and relax? Because if so, I must be doing something wrong.

I had planned to be out early, to get done all the chores that I needed to do and to enjoy the weather, possibly playing some Ingress along the way. Instead, I’m sitting here waiting to hear the result of an interview from Wednesday. I am of course, pretty much resigned to the fact that I didn’t get the job. I mean they told me I’d probably hear by the end of the day, and it’s now two days later and nothing. I emailed them yesterday to ask if a decision had been made, or if I could get any feedback on the interview, but it’s as if they dropped off the face of the earth.

I know, I know, no news is good news. Maybe they’re still sorting and haven’t rejected me yet, but it’s hard not to feel despondent about it. Maybe I’m just to used to disappointment.

On the other hand, Louise will be home in a few hours, and there’s always the possibility of Friday night drinks, be it just the two of us, or with a larger group. Who knows, maybe things will get better.