Now I’m getting nagged to finish up, as Mistress wants to finish moving in. Sigh!

Going North

So, i am sitting on a stool (the only seating here) in a flat near Archway, waiting for Louise to find the screws for putting her bed together! We’re moving her from Barking.

And I’m typing this on a Nexus 7 tablet, of which I won’t say much, except that it’s awesome.

Oh, and I need a drink.

Wanted to say thanks to all who came out last night to help me celebrate at the Bree Louise and later the Euston Tap. Fun was had, hopefully by all.

Today is lunch….

Time for a party?

Since it’s my birthday this weekend, I’ve decided to head out this evening with some friends.

Meeting at the Bree Louise at about 6pm (which is fairly accessible for those with difficulty), then maybe moving on to the Euston Tap later (which isn’t), depending on who’s around.

Dr Who is going to have to wait for iPlayer!