There’s one thing that really defines post-operative life, it’s dilation. It’s uncomfortable, messy and way too frequent. It’s the first thing you think of in the morning, the last thing you think of at night and well, most of your day revolves around it for at least the first few months. For me, it’s been a couple of weeks since the operation, and a week since dilation began. I have plenty more time for this. So if you’re likely to be squicked out by biological descriptions, then I’d advise not reading further. It may be NSFW too, depending on what I decide to include.

Plastic pals who are not so much fun to be with

Unlike the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, made famous in Douglas Adams’ work, I’m not referring here to robots, depressed or otherwise, although what I am referring to could potentially explain post operative depression. They certainly don’t help anyway.

Oh, and that the first rule of dilation club is: Procrastination starts with a pee.

… And now it’s Sunday again, a week later… Yule. I started back on hormones today after about 10 weeks without. I’m looking forward to a night without hot flushes, if not tonight, then soon. At least in time for Christmas anyway.

I seem to be recovering quickly, and it’s much easier now to actually sit on a chair, though even now I’m not sure I could do a marathon movie session. It’s part of the reason we’ve not seen The Hobbit yet, cinema seats (BFI and Greenwich Gallery excepted) would likely kill me for a movie of that length. Not a problem though.

Most of the Christmas supplies are in, and I only need to get bits now, some extra booze, snacks and the like. Visitors will be welcomed with said booze and noms, though I’d appreciate a heads up before people arrive, otherwise you may find us engaged in unseemly activities (like cooking or something).

Anyway, sorry for the week long delay. Can one have writer’s block if one is not a writer?

Have a good holiday season, however you celebrate it.


† The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy © Douglas Adams