It’s with us again, Sunday, shortest day of the week. We do plan shortly to get some lunch, and perhaps a small beer or two. After that we’ll come back here so that Louise can lie in bed and play Minecraft until it’s time for her to sleep.

Geekylou's Sheep Farm
Geekylou’s Sheep Farm – screenshot by geekylou

Last Friday we went to the Camden LGBT Forum sponsored Transpose event in London, which crossed classical music with deliciously queer performers flirting with each other and the suitably approving audience. Much fun, wine and cake was had by all, and Louise got a new addition to her bear collection, but for more on that you’d have to ask her. She wanted to come home early due to it being Hallmark Exploitation Day, and the fact that we had sparkling Rosé in the fridge. We did, and Louise went straight to bed…

Saturday was slow. I didn’t go out at all, and Louise did only to get more wine (mostly for me actually). I pretty much got to watch her play Minecraft all day, building first a pyramid and then a farm for her sheep breeding programme. In the evening we watched Cloud Atlas and snuggled until about 2am.

Today started with rainbow coloured sheep on Louise’s farm.

After lunch, who knows…

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