I am up! Surprising a thing as this is to say, I’ve been committed to bed for 48 hours after surgery, and now I am up and about. I just did a walk down to the other end of the ward and back, which is apparently no mean feat after such a short time.

I feel pretty good. sitting in one place is annoyingly uncomfortable, but not really painful, and they feed me paracetamol and ibuprofen fairly regularly. So that’s good really.

I saw two of the other girls who were in at the same time, but they weren’t really communicative. The third had her parents around so I didn’t go to see her.

The nursing staff have been great. I’d recommend them to anyone. Well, to anyone looking for good nursing staff anyway… not a lot of point in recommending them to people looking for motorcycle mechanics tbh, although one never knows.

Louise is coming to see me after lunch, so that’s good. Boredom is the killer here.

Anyway, more when I have something more to say… hopefully something interesting, but maybe not.