Just a quick update from my phone this morning, and potentially TMI or NSFW for some people. So more after the cut (sic)

Last night was not great. Up until then I’d been bouncy and more than happy with my progress. But then a few things happened that mean that I’m spending most of today resting on a bed. It started with the itching, and I’m sure most people get that. This however was itching in a place where there’s no longer a place, so yeah phantom unscratchable itches. And even if I could,  it’d be under the packing so I couldn’t get to it anyway.

Then my nerve endings decided it was a good time to let me know they were reattaching themselves and would be available for conducting pain sensations.  They did this by means of a series of small electric shocks that felt like having a TENS machine attached to my genitalia all night… This was um, interesting.

Finally the bag on the catheter strapped to my leg which was supposed to drain into a bigger bag under the bed managed to fold over and fail to drain till I woke up and fixed it… A few times.

All in all I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

This morning then,  I was really tired but couldn’t sleep. My bowels decided that they were full and wanted me to empty them but weren’t going to cooperate with me. I also had some pressure pain from the packing.

Luckily the surgeon prescribed laxatives and the wonderful nursing staff have given me painkillers to help.

I was also given my “leaving gifts” in advance, that being a set of dilators and a douche.  Just my luck eh? I come here to get rid of a dick, and leave with a douche.

Anyway enough for now, I have a cup of tea to drink.

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