It’s good to be home, that’s for sure! Though life is still unsettled for the moment. They finally let me out about 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, and Louise brought me home on the underground, and then bought me pizza for lunch, my first in more than a week…

Anyway, all is well with me. I had some pain last night, perhaps due to overdoing it yesterday and perhaps due to skimping on the painkillers so soon after coming home. In any case, it made me stressed so that I couldn’t relax. Dilation last night was hell! This morning’s, delayed til after breakfast so I could take the stronger painkillers, was a lot easier, and ending it with a lovely hot shower while listening to “Aliens in the Mind” by Robert Holmes on iPlayer Radio means I feel much better today, at least able to write some notes here.

So anyway, the weekend. I – well we, since there were several of us – had our packing removed Saturday morning, and were shown how to dilate, something that at least for the next few months is going to be a constant companion 3 times a day. Louise visited as she has done daily, and we passed the afternoon and evening chattering. Later I watched some tv (namely Atlantis) and a movie to distract me. Sunday was similar, though I had a bigger lunch (roast chicken), with a dessert for the first time. Again, Louise was around to chat and joke.

Sunday evening we all stayed awake late. The new batch of sacrificial victims had arrived and were settling in while we were preparing to log out and go back to RL. We had catheters removed at midnight, which was a blessed relief, and got an early start to get everything checked out for release Monday morning. Since all was clear (for most of us anyway) we’d expected to be out by 12, but due to people being generally slow, we didn’t get out til 2, as mentioned above.

I’d have liked to go into town today for some shopping, but last night’s pain and stress episode reminded me that I still need to rest up for a few weeks yet. Perhaps on the weekend then if I feel a bit stronger. Still, I can’t complain. I’m doing a lot better than I’d have thought a couple of weeks ago.

In closing, I’d like to comment that the surgical and nursing staff at Charing Cross were beyond amazing. With very few exceptions, they all went far above and beyond the call of duty to take care of us during our stay. If any are reading this, then a sincere thank you from me.