A two day update then, since I didn’t write yesterday. I had a much better night Thursday night, and so was bouncy as I could be on Friday. This was even better since I had a lot of visitors.

Anyway, while I was waiting for breakfast to arrive, I had my first postoperative bowel movement, which was rather a relief. The next came almost exactly 12 hours later in fact, so that was good.

Anyway food over I listened to the radio and read for a bit, and then about 2pm, Louise, L and Katie showed up to visit. The afternoon then turned into some kind of raucous party in my room. At one point, we had three medical heads peeking round the door asking if we were alright because someone was crying. As it happened, it was Louise laughing so much she cried… Another time, I think they frightened one of the poor nurses away.

It got really quiet then in the evening. Most of the nurses I knew had gone and well, I am easily bored. I didn’t sleep particularly well Friday night either… tossing this way and that.

I was awoken before 6am on Saturday to be moved, since they needed the room. And so I found myself with two of the other girls getting the same operation. Strength in numbers I suppose.

The packing came out about 10, and I got my first dilation out of the way. They say the first one is one of the easiest, but wow, it was one of the hardest things ever. At least afterward I could shower. I was starting to niff a bit after a week.

So now I’m waiting for lunch and Louise. I ordered some entertainment to arrive home about the same time as me, so maybe next week will be fun.