It’s very windy outside today, at least from all the way up here it is, which has probably something to do with the Olympics and Mr Putin’s status as an impromptu gay icon. At least, that’s what I get from the still-running-after-a-month #ukipweather hash tag on twitter. But I digress, it’s windy and the wind is loud up here on the 19th floor, and the rain is ratting against the windows. I had coffee but it’s gone.

I’m not sure I want to get up yet, even though there is much to do: I should make breakfast, or at least fresh coffee, I have a beta in Elder Scrolls Online to continue with, a blog post to write (although it seems like I may have started on that), games to play for fun, job search emails to look at and maybe jobs to apply for. So I have many reasons to get up, and only laziness and inertia keeping me in bed. Well, that and a warm duvet anyway.

Louise is playing Minecraft, which to be honest I don’t get the point of. It’s like virtual Lego Technics, but with lower resolution and less capability. Kind of like what Second Life would have been like if the graphics had stayed like the early alphas back in 2002. I’m sure it’s fun for those who like it, but cool as retro might be to a certain hipster set, I prefer modern.

On Thursday, Katelyn was in town from Reading for an important appointment, but of course there was the tube strike, and she’s not the best at last-minute replanning. So at about 10:15 I set out on a number of busses (should have been one but sudden cancellations) to meet her and act as a native guide for the day. We both arrived in Paddington about the same time, had coffee and then headed off to get her to the appointment. We had brunch and captured a couple of portals at Hammersmith, and waited for her to be done.

Later we came back here just in time to meet Louise (yes, it took that long), ordered pizza and settled down with some wine. She stayed til mid afternoon on Friday before going to the Parcel Yard above Kings Cross for a beer and to meet Louise coming home from work before Katelyn had to head back to Reading.

Friday night was pencilled in for ESO. In the end, I watched it patch, and it was ready to play at about the time I went to bed. Oh well.

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