One Tram

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    Three for the Womble Kings under the common
    Seven for the Train Lords in their halls of CrossRail
    Nine for Train Drivers doomed to die
    One for Boris, on his dark throne
    In the land of Morden where the tramlink lies

    One Tram to rule them all
    One Tram to find them
    One Tram to bring them all
    And in South London bind them
    In the land of Morden where the tramlink lies.

    A new ARU dice-roll

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    Just got my new dice roll from All Rolled Up, and I am a happy thing…

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    I wish I’d made a screen shot…

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    but I didn’t… 🙁

    I was playing Star Trek Online and running through a Foundry mission Once Upon A Time – Part III, and encountered my first Borg Cube of the mission. I opened fire and 2-3 seconds later I get a pop-up with my Tac Officer telling me we’ve done enough damage to the cube to force it to regenerate, but that to finish it off we’d have to beam over…

    Meanwhile, behind the popup, two approximately half cubes float off the screen in opposite directions, spewing green plasma and debris… On closing the window, a crippled cube spawns where the old one was.  You gotta love scripted fights…

    The French Connection

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    Warning: Photo heavy.  On Friday 20th June, 2014 at about 2pm, Louise and I headed off to St. Pancras International for the first leg of our French Adventure 2014. We ate a lunch at the Betjeman Arms and meandered over to the check-in for Eurostar. No sooner had we got through than they announced that the train was boarding. Next stop, Paris Gare du Nord.

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