So it begins

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    Last week, I was commenting on how Google were going to have to up their game by next summer. The idea being that after the Nexus 4 and 5, they’d have their work cut out to make a movie standard Nexus 6…

    And now we hear they bought a company that makes military robots.

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    I just wanted to put this out there, given we’ve just been subjected to the phenomenon, but sprouts are just wrong! You hear me Wetherspoons? I don’t care how traditional you think they might be. They are wrong! An abomination in the eyes of … me!

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    Catching up…

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    It’s been a while since I wrote anything here so I suppose an update is well overdue. I had meant to write a few things last week, but for one reason or another, things started to get on top of me and blogging drifted slowly to the bottom of the list. Never a good thing really. Even so, it’s no excuse for absence. Read more…

    A long weekend

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    It was indeed, a long weekend these past few days, not that that is a bad thing you understand, even though it wasn’t long by choice. The weather had a lot to do with it, although from my perspective it had no right to.  More of that later though since it started on … well Friday as it happens.  Imagine a wavy cut-scene…  Read more…

    Why I won’t be watching Ender’s Game

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    As most people who know me will be aware, I am a massive nerd. Most of you will probably be aware of what I’m about to write too, but I am certain that there will be some who are unaware of either or both of these things, and that is what makes this important. Up until recently, I was also unaware of some of this, which is probably my own fault for being so insular but that’s by the way. Read more…

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