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A Festival of Beer (Day 2)

Today’s excursion started out with a Schneider Weiss (Tap 4) and oddly, the same base camp as yesterday. However, today I has a Loufing with me, who’s starting out with a Spezial Hell. Unfortunately though, the F key on my keyboard is broken, so this could (read will) make life a bit awkward later.

After wandering around with some burgers, of which mine was Ostrich, and Loufing’s was Kangaroo, we found some more beer.  I had Ballard’s Wassail and Lou had a Dorking Gold which she found rather bland. Lou wanted something from the Chilterns though so a Chiltern White was her next, while I, after a couple of false starts I got a Rebellion Silly Point. A rather ordinary, though perfectly drinkable tipple.

Following this, I tried both a Captain Gingerbread from Geeves and an Opat Apricot which was gorgeous… These were a little rushed as we were heading home, and hence a short post…

However, more to come.

The French Connection

Warning: Photo heavy.  On Friday 20th June, 2014 at about 2pm, Louise and I headed off to St. Pancras International for the first leg of our French Adventure 2014. We ate a lunch at the Betjeman Arms and meandered over to the check-in for Eurostar. No sooner had we got through than they announced that the train was boarding. Next stop, Paris Gare du Nord.