The Parrot’s Head

Commander’s Log: 3303-02-18, Parrot’s Head Sector VJ-R B4-1, 1,013.39 light years from Sol.

Mission – Take the famous explorer Karyme McLaughlin and crew to visit an Earthlike world orbiting a neutron star, about 14,000 LY in towards the core.


A Grand Tour

Commander’s Log: 3303-02-06, Mars High, Sol.

In my last entry, I was heading out to the Elephant’s Trunk nebula. I arrived in good time, and instead of coming straight back as was my original plan, I stayed to see a few sights, and the decided to go on to see more. It turned into a tour of some local nebulae between the bubble and the rift, with more than a few photos taken and the odd strange sight. (more…)