The Great Adventure – Part 1

So it begins. It is a cold and foggy Sunday morning in East London, a day like any other in mid November, except that it is a day of change, or the start thereof at least. It’s a day of endings, the last day of a chapter of my life which has gone on now for a number of years. This afternoon, I will check into hospital for surgery, and by this time tomorrow, it should be all done, or at least close to. (more…)

Small Victories

It’s Tuesday October 7th, and I sit here at a glass table, sipping herbal tea from a glass cup, looking out over London. I’m relaxing before heading out for today’s adventures while my tablet charges up, though if the truth were told, I should be back in Camden packing more things.

It’s been a long journey getting to were I am now, and it’s not over yet, though if we’re counting milestones, I’m coming up on a big one. (more…)

T minus 23

Turbulent week is turbulent. I’ve looked at a load of flats over the last few days, trying to find something affordable. It’s not easy either. I think I’ve been everywhere, and seen all sorts and sizes of property, and met some really lovely people (and a cat). (more…)

And so it continues…

I was on my way out this afternoon to get an injection done, when I saw a brown envelope by the door. It was urgent, from the DSS people, and so I opened it. It appears that they wanted to inform me that they had to stop paying me any benefits since August, and that I cannot get them to reconsider until I do what they want… Oh and they wanted be to know this would affect any housing benefit I claim and also that I am no longer entitled to free NHS prescriptions until it’s sorted out. (more…)

A Festival of Beer (Day 2)

Today’s excursion started out with a Schneider Weiss (Tap 4) and oddly, the same base camp as yesterday. However, today I has a Loufing with me, who’s starting out with a Spezial Hell. Unfortunately though, the F key on my keyboard is broken, so this could (read will) make life a bit awkward later.

After wandering around with some burgers, of which mine was Ostrich, and Loufing’s was Kangaroo, we found some more beer.  I had Ballard’s Wassail and Lou had a Dorking Gold which she found rather bland. Lou wanted something from the Chilterns though so a Chiltern White was her next, while I, after a couple of false starts I got a Rebellion Silly Point. A rather ordinary, though perfectly drinkable tipple.

Following this, I tried both a Captain Gingerbread from Geeves and an Opat Apricot which was gorgeous… These were a little rushed as we were heading home, and hence a short post…

However, more to come.

The Day the Meds Ran Out…

On Sunday this week, I realised that I only had enough medication left for about half a week. This is something of an exaggeration since I take several kinds of medication per day and only one of them had run out, but since it’s pretty much the most important one, it needed urgent fixing. So on Monday morning, I headed out to the pharmacist to see if my replacements had arrived. I was told no, but that they’d been ordered and should be in within a day or so. This would be fine if it happened, and so I was off on my second mission of the morning… the Doctor’s Office. (more…)