So it begins. It is a cold and foggy Sunday morning in East London, a day like any other in mid November, except that it is a day of change, or the start thereof at least. It’s a day of endings, the last day of a chapter of my life which has gone on now for a number of years. This afternoon, I will check into hospital for surgery, and by this time tomorrow, it should be all done, or at least close to.

But for now, I am recently out of the shower, dressed in a bathrobe and sipping a cup of hot Assam while I listen to an audiobook of Frankenstein on TuneIn. Dishes are washed, excepting the cup I am using, the house is clean and (mostly) tidy, though I still have a few things to do in my bedroom. Packing is prepared if not completed. I want to change the bedding though, and that will take a few minutes.

The District and H&C lines are closed today in this part of town, and so my journey will begin on a bus today, with a change onto the Central line at Mile End. My plan is to meet Louise for lunch in town about 1pm, and then with her, head down to the hospital in time to check into the ward for tea.

My operation is scheduled I believe, for 7am tomorrow, assuming no delays. If all goes well, I should be awake by about 5 or 6 on Monday evening… Hopefully in time to watch Gotham on tv, and hopefully I’ll have a Louise visiting.

As to other visitors, I am sure they will be welcome from Tuesday onwards. I already have two tumblr-famous people scheduled to come see me during the week. If you do want to come see me in hospital, please speak to Louise for details. She’s likely to know my condition by then and make an educated guess as to whether I’d be up to people at any time.

I believe I have already met one of the people who’ll be in with me, at pre-admission. As to the rest, well as I said in the title, it’s a great adventure…

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