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After the Fallout

So I have this idea… not all that new but bear with me. In the Fallout world, and the current franchise is in the past. It doesn’t matter how FO4 ended really, except the Institute survived – perhaps the Sole Survivor sided with them, or perhaps the one under CIT (Yeah I know it’s obviously MIT) wasn’t the only facility they had, maybe not even the biggest. It doesn’t matter, somehow they survived. Continue reading “After the Fallout”


It’s very windy outside today, at least from all the way up here it is, which has probably something to do with the Olympics and Mr Putin’s status as an impromptu gay icon. At least, that’s what I get from the still-running-after-a-month #ukipweather hash tag on twitter. But I digress, it’s windy and the wind is loud up here on the 19th floor, and the rain is ratting against the windows. I had coffee but it’s gone.
Continue reading “Windy”

Beta Invite

Yesterday I got my beta invite for Elder Scrolls Online, and downloaded. It took a while! Today I plan to create a character and start looking around, get a feel for it &c. At least, once it comes back up, since after about 8 hours of downloading, now it’s closed for maintenance, oh well! In any case, it’s covered in NDAs so if I want to be able to play for real when it goes live then I won’t be able to say much – not even post screenshots (I assume because they don’t want the UI out in the wild), though I could point to what they have published on the website – but I’ll say what I can, even if it is vague.

Curry Night

Looks like tonight will be curry night. This is usually Thursday, so I have no idea what we’re going to do then, but we’ll see.  Anyway, Louise wasn’t up to a visit to Penderel’s Oak today and I wasn’t up to cooking, so take-out it is.  We found a local curry house on Hungry House, and have some food on order.  Continue reading “Curry Night”

Weekend sickness update

I think that Louise is better today. That is, she got up and went to work, and her voice sounded better. Of course, we did target most of the weekend’s efforts toward that end, giving up Ingress and social activity in favour of health. Continue reading “Weekend sickness update”