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Navigating my way through Tuesday

This morning, as I sat in a waiting room full of screaming children for my appointment with an NHS nurse¹ — which was more than an hour and a half late due to traffic hold ups on the A40 — I got a phone call from a recruiter. Due to the situation, he said he’d call me back when I got home, and in what may be a first for recruiters everywhere, he did! Anyway, we spoke, discussed my employment situation and then having promised to send me a job specification for a position in The City™², he asked me to respond to the email when I get it, and hung up. (more…)


So, I have not had the best of luck recently, as those of you who follow me regularly will be aware. What with late prescriptions, benefit issues and general bouts of depression adding to the general levity of joblessness that is my life. Now fortune appears to be reversing, at least for now. (more…)